Can't swing a cat

with out hitting a sorcerer.
Ever heard the term a “dime a dozen”? :grin:

By the sink hole there is 3 villages, each village now has a sorcerer, spinebreaker now has 2. So that is 4 sorcerers with in arrow shot. Each is worth 9{?} coins. So I can easily buy 2 war spears of the black circle, or wait for a respawn, get 2 more and buy a random named artisan.

I had coins from before, so had enough in one run to buy that spear, and a named carpenter. But that spear :open_mouth: I’m about to farm sorcerers to rearm my archers :smile:

I know some one else has put up a list of loot items, but I really think the loot needs to be more area/level oriented. Is the loot a bit much; steelfire, alchemy base, gold and silver nuggets, silver coins and the odd 1 or 2 things I missed. For a 1st level sorcerer I say so. But for a third level? Ya, that’s about right.

Not sure why a named artisan is worth 3X+ more then a decent legendary weapon, but I don’t set the values. If I did there would be a 0 added to the spear cost, as in 150 not 15 coins.


Yeah, okay, that’s weird. If you get the same amount of ancient oboli for any tier of sorcerer, then the choice of what to do with a sorcerer is not very interesting.

Because getting a specific named artisan is a lot more onerous than getting a “decent” legendary weapon. More importantly, many – probably most – of these “decent” legendary weapons are inferior to crafted weapons. They’re mostly stuff that’s nice to have until you have something better, or stuff that has niche interest for people like me.

Warspear of the Black Circle, for example, sounds like a grand thing until you compare it to the Dragonbone Spear. Glimmermoon? I love it, and I’m buying one from these merchants as soon as the update hits live, but its stats are crappy. I just love having a light source that I can use as a weapon.

I would personally be okay with that, if all sorcerers give you the same amount of ancient oboli. If they decide to differentiate the sorcerers, then 10x prices sound a bit too high – 4x might be better – but I would settle even for 10x. To me, the ability to not have to depend on the RNG for the final product is extremely valuable.


Very helpful to capture thralls when night falls. Bindings on one hand, glimmermoon on the other.


Ya, on my top legendaries list.

This is something I need to check, but I’m so eas… SQUIRREL!!! - YouTube


Ya it 9 oboli regardless.

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I agree. This is a huge oversight and should be fixed immediately! The ability to swing cats is a must in this game.


I do believe most of the players are going to be littered with legendaries and such from this age. I’m curious if I’m even going to remember where black blood tools come from after chapter 3 comes out.


I didn’t like the idea of vendors selling bb tools. Trivializes them. People will have no reason at all to have any other tools.


Hmmm… :thinking:
I’m slowly starting to think that the best way to “fix” legendary weapons at this stage is to just add the “Not very-” prefix before the tag itself… and there… everything adds up :slight_smile:

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Or they can add another tag, called “Relic”, and whenever people start whining too much about how item X is “useless” and how “legendary items are supposed to be legendary”, they can change its tag from “Legendary” to “Relic”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like this?
Or… is that too subtle?


:laughing::laughing::laughing: I don’t even bother taking those to the base unless I need decoration.

Not a bad idea… but I would prefer a revamp. I got glimmermoon yesterday. It’s a nice “relic” to have around. :wink:

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’ Seemingly Legendary
’ Legendary in Lore ONLY
’ Legendary by name ONLY


T4/named weapon. “Bernie’s broad sword”.

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The Weapons of Meh.

Legend has it that the Exiled Lands were once lands filled with craftsmen from Generica trained in the arts of Meh and that they filled shops with decent weapons of great value. After being destroyed by the Giant Kings , only a few of these still remain guarded by ancient and confused monsters that believe these were of more value than what it’s worth.


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