Cant target ppl/see guild tags etc (Saga bug back) :P

Hey @AndyB

That bug from Saga where we can’t target other players, see peoples guild tags etc seem to be back. I could target people in Khemi but not in Ardashir or Shaulun.

Checked with others on global and they seem to have the same issues.

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Okay, thanks for the report. We’re looking into it.


Dim: 1 Server: 36
Pos: 173.7, 167.5, y 102.9 6400
Zone: 0
Server: (id:31 global:36)
UTC: Tue Sep 18 23:20:04 2018

Pf Proxy: Model=[Identity 51100:6400] GroupSelector=0 Subgroup=0 RunningPlayfield=[Identity 40016:16166535]
Version: Conan_v5.00.0@592380_ConanLiveWin32_2018
Revision: 592380

173.7 167.5 y 102.9 6400
after last restart and fix at Paikang player names/healthbars/details/levels not show up. I have checked my interface settings, swiched off and on. as far as I see all works ok in OT and raid finder. npc info works ok

I can confirm this issue, had it in Dragonspine last night while trying to do T6 raid invites.

How in the world this could randomly break when the last patch only fixed a small amount of random things is simply beyond me…

Happens when the QA team consists of the office dog Scruffy barking at every update. :slight_smile:

So is this going to get fixed? Still had same issue today.

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Played in Onyx today. Issues:

  • All 3 healers couldn’t rez dead folks.
  • Conqs weren’t able to rez via target-name-in-raid or target-character.
  • Heals sometimes didn’t seem to work (on my ToS) though the Idol seems to.
  • Named/Bosses did not have “Boss” nametags.
  • Nametags of other people were not visible even when checked in settings.

Please fix this ASAP.

(EDIT: Just to tag Andy)

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Have tried, repair dara, switch char, zooned, relogged several times…

Was out questing with a friend in Dragonspine earlier and I couldnt target them to give them health potions via trade. And they couldnt get my blue heal.

And eta on a fix for this?

I have 2 toons from 2 accounts teamed up in Paikang, Neither can target each other or any other player.

Today’s update should have addressed this issue. Please let us know. Thanks!


In Dragon’s Spine cannot target anyone.

They ended up rolling it back because there were more issues with the hotfix today.

Hey Funcom…still DCing after patch. Gonna figure this out or what? It is getting old fast. Thanks.

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