Can't upgrade foundations/ceilings under certain placeables

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance | Misc]
Region: [AU/PAL]

Due to not having the parity patch yet and no sign of it anytime soon (yes, I will bring that up.), I am unable to upgrade some of the ceilings I am using as flooring for one of my buildings due to the Furnace and Blacksmith’s Bench being on top of them, but the ceilings are still somewhat visible beneath the crafting stations, I keep getting the “Invalid Building Placement” text. So I am stuck waiting for them to finish crafting so I can demolish them, upgrade the ceiling pieces, re-craft the crafting stations and place them again. I even had this issue with the Wooden Box, I couldn’t upgrade the ceiling piece they were on, so I had to empty their contents into my inventory, demolish them and then upgrade the ceiling pieces. Yet I was able to upgrade ceiling pieces occupied by a Dryer and Carpenter’s Bench.

This is an unnecessary waste of resources only exacerbated further by the L2/R2 bug when placing items, which is currently souring my experience of the game. I hope this parity patch is coming very soon, because I am getting sick of needing to demolish, re-craft and re-place placeables just to upgrade my shelter.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try upgrade building piece
  2. Be unable to upgrade building piece due to a placeable item.
  3. Become frustrated when you realise you need to demolish the placeable to upgrade because you can’t pick up large placeables like crafting stations yet.
  4. Waste resources that could’ve been used to upgrade the shelter just to replace those placeables.
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I agree. Plus the kicking mechanics has gotten me killed several times

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You are supposed to be able to move those placeables with the update. I am waiting also as I want to redesign some bases without having to rebuild crafting stations. As far as I know, the exception will be religious altars.

I’m aware of this, which is why I referred to it in the steps to reproduce the issue. This update should’ve been implemented on consoles already, bundling it with the server and building optimization patch was a bad idea, slightly over 2 weeks between platforms getting updates and still no word is a bit much.

There has been word though: when it’s ready :rofl:

I meant regarding an ETA for the patch, we’ve heard nothing about even a rough estimate, just that we’ll eventually get it.

Hey @CrystalGoddess. Good news, they announced on twitter not long ago that the Parity patch will be coming to ps4 sometime early this week.

So dont destroy those crafting stations just yet, I would just hold off your renovations until then if you can.

I know that all that remains of my first (Sandstone) base is a bunch of crafting stations dotted along a cliffside. Ive been waiting to be able to return them to my inventory.


Thanks for that information, @Croms_Faithful, I’ll hold off until the patch then, I wouldn’t have known of this since I don’t use Twitter.

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No problem. Its always good to pass on good news. But to be honest I dont use twitter either, I just happened upon it by chance when I typed CE into the search engine. So just good fortune really. :slight_smile:

Finally. Let us hope that it’s worth the wait.

The consensus seems to be quite positive so far, and it did spend a fair bit of time in testing. I think were in for a treat friend.

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I guess we’ll see now, patch is live, folks! 3.088 GB download.

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