Can't use new content

Game mode: Private Server
Problem: Cant use new content
Region: America

New content has a green down arrow and won’t let us learn it. Is there something I am missing?
Ps4 pro

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log on game

There are three packs of DLC content you have to purchase for your account before you can access the feats for them ingame - the khitai, aquilonian and pict sets of recipes.
Note: you can use the armor and weapons if someone makes them. And I think you can place the decorations from those kits if someone gives them to you but won’t be able to pick them up again.

So…I have the pict dlc. Do I have to download the other 2 DLC to get the 4th cosmetic building pieces, cause there is no option to purchase them.

The 4th set of cosmetic building pieces along with the armour and weapons are for upcoming DLC, the same thing happened with all past DLC, the data was added into the game before the DLC was available to the public.

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As CrystalGoddess pointed out, the new DLC is visible in preparation for its upcoming release. Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks everyone!

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