Can't use potions after getting hit during dismount

If a hit interrupts my dismount, I can’t drink potions, and I can’t do anything with an item slot with a potion in it – “Item Cannot Be Moved”. My heals become worthless, and the only fix is to shut down and complain on the forums.


Greetings enkephalin07!
Thank you for reportings this situation to us regarding your inability to use healing potions.

As a player, I too have experienced this and I managed to find some workarounds that I would like to share with you, in hopes that it works for you too enkephalin07:
1 - Restart/Reload your game
2 - Die in game
3 - Mount your horse and dismount again. If you can’t mount your horse for any reason, make the horse follow you a couple of steps and try to mount it.

Let me know if these steps worked for you enkephalin07!

Our team is also aware of this situation and working on a fix.

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