Captain in Sepermaru?

Has anyone found where the Captain patrols in Sepermaru? Used to be found wandering around the Temple Quarter, but I can’t seem to find the Captain anymore.

Can’t find it anywhere now. I am finding the bandit leader and a named cook somewhat regularly. Oh, also the named Set priest. Those are the only 3 names I’ve found so far.

I’m not on testlive, But 1.34 to 1.38 (ps4 anyway) has been on east side of gate, outside of town.
Not to far from rhinos and black rhino boss.

Theres a cage half buried next to small mound.

Can’t find Captain in testlive either. Have been around Sepers several times, killed everyone and waited for respawn just to make sure. Maybe Captain has been moved?

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He got mugged by the bandits.

Still looking for the captains to. No luck so far.

Yes, the brawlers, thugs and stuff you may run in them often, but still no captains.
Like said in an other post about Seper, some changes are very nice, but some places feels now also bit empty.
And it’s still all about the middle way. While there was no real tread to get the captain other than knock him out and get out the city in a wheel, now they seem missing from the game. Don’t know the spawntable now, and at how much % they should spawn, if ever.

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