Captured thralls


I’ve been trying to find out what the respawn time is on these captured thralls/prisoners are, does anyone know? can’t seem to get 1, multiple times I have been to check the cages and they are never there in the past 2 days is there a bug with them or something?

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From what I’ve heard there are more cages than prisoners so one has to be taken before another spawns some where else. HAVE yet to find one myself. Keep checking the place by my base .

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Ok that would make sense to why I’m not seeing any in the 1 I’ve been checking. Thanks I will take a look round at some others

Are in exiles thralls in cages too? I checked it last days offline but don’t found any key or thralls in cages

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Not I
in Exiles as far as I know

I’m on PC, so take that into account, but on Siptah I see specific cages wtih thralls in them, and without, and they never change. So if you are looking at an empty cage, odds are, it will always be empty (save for one that someone recently cleared of course). That’s just what I’ve observed.

They appear to be just random on ps. Sometimes I find one sometimes not. Not a single cage has ALWAYS had a prisoner for me.

I suppose it’s possible there’s some kind of timer mechanic like with the meteor storms. Start with a 50% chance of a thrall in the cage. After thirty minutes, increase to 60% and check again. Another thirty, 70% and check again. etc. etc. Repeat until a thrall spawns, then start over once he’s freed.

That’s just speculation though. I really haven’t seen anything on how those cage spawns work.

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