Caravan Raider’s- Bring Back Armaments

So I know this applies to the 1% of players, but it seems the Armaments I’d Forgotten Kingdom is no longer available in regular Caravan’s (please correct me if I’m wrong).

My guild and I like to collect all the recipes, and well some of these recipes actually have value for higher level recipes.

However from what I’ve seen online the recipe now only drops in Unchained. And for a level 80 culture weapon, that just doesn’t make sense. For a “just reached 80” weapon to drop in an endgame dungeon?

I know it’s a long shot to make a post about, but I do hope that maybe this recipe can be put into the regular version where it WAS or that I am actually in fact wrong about all this :^)

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Yes, it only drops in the unchained mode. I thought it was weird as well but it took 2+ years of lobbying to even get the recipe back on the loot table.

I don’t think this will change. At least the drop rate was significantly improved.