Caravan Suggestion

In a Firespark81 video, around the time Caravans were introduced, he was showcasing them. He gave a suggestion that each box on each side of the Caravan should be a separate inventory instead of a shared inventory. Like Iron on one side and Stone on the other.


Why ? I use both caravan elephant and rhino and for me it won’t improve anything by making two inventories. If you want to have all stones and all iron sorted together then you use the sort by names option.

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I was using Iron and Stone as an example. And you can’t sort the Caravan inventories.

Have to check because I’m sure inventories for caravan and bearer are sorted by “heavier first”. Perhaps it uses the same sort (sorting?) as the chjaracter’s inventory that’s set as “heavier first”" for me. I use the same sorting for chests and workstations.

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Least on Xbox there isn’t a sort option

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