Carnival of Chaotic Debauchery (Fantasy 18+ E/RP/PvE-C)

Freed from the cross, you wake in front of a woman that welcomes you to the land. She sends you to a area in the highlands that is far from the war between the factions. The mages of the Cold embrace, Felgarth and Elvanor have caused rifts in different realms. Some in the lands are there for crimes they have committed, some from different realms or some from the underworld.

As you wonder the lands you come across the war between the factions as you watch the fight a winged figure lands in the middle of the fight. You then see the figure draw his blade from his back as he starts to cut down the factions. He puts the blade on his back and glances over to see you standing there.
He says one thing to you as he looks at you.“Welcome to the lands exile.”

Here you can be anything you want. There are no restrictions on what you want to be. We are here to have fun and meet new people to RP with and make a storyline with. There is no wipes and the rules are pretty simple. Very active owner/admin.