Carpathian Fangs Lair - Vulkan

I swear he is bugged. His cryoleak kills people opposite him and his machine gun barrage projection pops up less than a second before it kills you. Not enough time to dodge. Failed all 8 times in a lair, kinda salty

Pretty sure he’s bugged too, but he’s killable. Lair Boss Abilities has some info on how. I’ve only tanked it, so I’m assuming there’s enough room inside the AoE for ranged DPS and healers to stand in it and not get Armor-Piercing Barraged. I don’t think it’s possible to melee DPS it right now, since outside the white AoE is death and inside it is Armor-Piercing.

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Yeah I was tanking. It … did not go well

For players attacking the Vulkan at melee range, you must be at your maximum range of three meters from the boss and be ready to backflip as soon as the boss casts Armor-Piercing Barrage. It is possible as long as the tank positions the boss properly.