Carpentry Sign? /:|

Hi. I’m new to this forum and have a question to ask regarding the Workstation Signs (cook, armorer, blacksmith, etc.). I’m not sure if this has already been covered but I still feel the need to ask this. – How come there is no “Carpentry” or “Carpenter” sign to accompany all the other workstation signs you can make from accessing the Archives at the Unnamed City to make them? <:\


The funny thing here is the sing of farm. I do not say that it is useless, not at all, but surely not so ‘important’ as the carpentry sign that do not exist. I cannot say that there is a bench that it is not useful , but carpenters bench is far more viable in this game. And again, i don’t say that the farming sign is not important, i am really happy that exists, but if i have to choose, i would choose 100% carpentry sign.
I really hope they will make this add. Nice post bravo :+1:

Yeah, a carpenters sign would be pretty nice. I have to give you a heart on this one.

Hi CaptainSugarRush and welcome to the community! I must confess that I do not use the craftsman signs myself. However, I am quite surprised that there isnt a Carpenters one! Perhaps this omission was simply an accidental oversight on the developers part(?). @Hugo, would you mind terribly giving our devs a poke on this one to check whether it is intended or not…?

the carpenter is humble, so is the artisan that made em 8P

There is more than this as an oversight. I would point at the 3 (4 if you count plant fiber) decorative planters that are missing from the game.

I want to make true indigo, crimson lotus planters…


What are workstation signs?? :confused: Never saw that.

@Alhambra They are a recipe you learn from the arcane archives in the unnamed city by spending fragments of power. There are something like 19 possible recipes there the signs being one of them. You then craft them at the artisan table.

I very much would also like these decorative planters too please. Plus some decorative trees while we’re at it. For now you can always actually plant the flowers like crimson lotus and not remove the lotus leaves to keep it around. But a true permanent flower would be much preferred.

I had actually not noticed, as I generally only use the real ones. Off topic a little I know, but as I noted in another thread, I feel it would be nice if we could also grow Glowing Goop and Mushrooms in Planters too. AND have their decorative counterparts too.

I have noticed that there are certain plants you cannot make decorative planters for but I never put to much into it as I have only just started using them. But that is a great call out.

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