Casting of coins

Game mode: online dedicated server
Type of issue: bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Gold bars and coins dissapearing in the furnace. I ended up smelting 26 bars of gold to get the 50 coins I needed…

Going away from the furnace made it stop working, and when looing in there, 7 bars was now one bar and 5 coins.

Next I stay at the furnace while smelting, and upon transfering coins from furnace to pocket, lots of them was gone.
Then the furnace “workicon” show that it was MAKING goldbars, and even more vanished.

I the end there was a price of 26 gold bars to make 50 coin, which SHOULD have had a price of 6…

Getting goild veined rocknoses are already reached a cost that is very unlikely to ever repay

Had the same issue smelted 86 bars to coins started up furnace and left. When I came back had only 5 coins and like 1 bar left to show for my efforts.

this is a known mechanic (really should be fixed), but the game allows you to cast both coins into bars, and bars into coins. The problem is the system runs the loop, so if you put in 26 Bars, you made 130 coins (26x5), but if left unattended, the game will then take the 130 coins and make 4 bars (30 per bar) and leave 10 coins. guess what, it doesnt stop, it will then take the bars and make them back into 20 coins (4*5) , which gives you 30 coins and then makes that into 1 bar, which becomes…5 coins. Really need to have a bar tool for coins…so it won’t run the loop while you go do something else.

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yea this is why i always stay and watch when i make coins.

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hi, one thing i noticed with Crystal and Glass, is that there is a pause in the Furnace, after you make crystal into glass, but i then had to press the Play (>) arrow to turn the glass into a Glass Flask (using the glass flask mold)

unless it was due to running out of fuel, and needing to press play to pick up the next combustible fuel item, then maybe this method could be used for Coins and Bars, so that a manual Click is needed befor re-melting?

it was not due to running out of fuel :slight_smile:

Yeah this is not technically speaking a bug, at least not in the traditional sense, it’s what I’d label a “design bug” aka silly game design. It should be simple enough to disable the coins -> bars translation if the coin mold is in the furnace, and hell maybe that was supposed to be there, in which case it IS a bug.

But I’d say creating coins is a job for the artisan rather than the furnace anyway. I mean yeah obviously coins need heating and all, but many of the objects the artisan makes involves some head-canon visits to the furnace if they are to make sense, too.

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Simple way to avoid this as every 30 coins will smelt back into a bar is to stay at the smelter and remove them

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I agree, the furnace should only be used to create the gold/silver bars, the Blacksmith should then be the one to craft them into coins. Only then should you need to put the coins into a furnace to convert them back into bars.

And, can anyone explain to me why you lose so much gold/silver when just changing form from a coin to a bar and back to a coin.

I was thinking the Artisan, but I’m good with either really.

“Okay, so you give me thirty bars of silver, I then take your fifteen bars of silver and put them over here. Then the five bars of silver you gave me is put inside the furnace, and finally the one bar of silver you gave me turns into thirty coins. I then take the fifteen coins and cool them down, and finally I hand you all five coins of silver”.

  • Scumbag Furnace Business Logic

dont forget the old sharing of coins routine…
1 coin for you, 1 coin for me
2 for you, 1, 2, for me
3 for you, 1, 2, 3 for me :slight_smile:

After reading about this “feature” I stand next to the furnace scrooging over each coin minted.
Considering the inherent value of gold, especially when doing a gold-nose farm, it’s satisfying.

Yeah, I was doing some coins yesterday, too, and there’s no pause or “restarting” necessary for the Furnace to eat your newly minted coins.