Casting Table Bug: Doesn't Max Craft Correctly

North America

Casting Table doesn’t Max Craft Correctly, it Doesn’t Take into it Calculations that it doesn’t Consume the Mold on use. Means you can craft one at a time
I figited with it and it did let me Craft a bunch but only when another of the Item I was crafting was in it and it did not use the Max it Could have made.
I am on PS4
To Recreate

  1. Flask Mold
  2. Stack of Glass
  3. Casting Table
    4.Look at the Queue.
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spam the craft all button. normally, after the first one starts, the remainder can be queued.

Been a bug with the casting table since it was introduced.

Hey @SarabandeOfHealing

Thank you for your report. We’re aware of this issue as it was reported recently. Our team is looking into it. :slight_smile:


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