Castle Vanguard


Hello everyone, just wanted to share my pet project of late: Castle Vanguard. Built on a Pve-c server Gates to Glory, this is a PVE build. All materials were farmed but the rates are double vanilla rates, which helped. Shout out to my clanmates: s-s-d-d-1978, StealthcupcakeZ, and DarkPhoenix3450 for their support and help getting mats and decorating. The exterior castle design was not original and was based on another castle. Can you guess which one?


Thats really cool.


You built a beautiful castle there, good Sir Knight.
Was the build inspired by this one (castle “Neuschwanstein”, which actually isn´t so much of a real castle, because it was also built merely for the optics in the 19th century…)?


Thank you sir, actually that one is pretty close to my build, but it isn’t what I based it on. Good guess though. The castle I had in mine is pretty famous, but definitely a fantasy castle.

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Well, OK. I got it. You based it on the Disney castles. Probably this one:

It looks quite familiar :grin: …


Not only is that correct but it is the exact picture I based it off of. Nice work!!

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Yipee!! :blush: :raised_hands: :muscle: :man_dancing: :beers:

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That’s really nice, is the interior done as well? Have you staffed it with Mouseketeer guard thrills?

The placement of statues in the walls is lovely as is the little build at the end of t he bridge entrance.

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Thank you! I didn’t staff it with Mouseketeer thralls, though that is a good idea. The interior is done, however, you should be able to view it on the attached imgur link.