“Castle walls” of endless sandstone garbage

Can we please nerf the endless sandstone “castle walls” that litter every corner of the game. If you want to own half the map you should have to make a full time job of it not just slap a zillion sandstone foundations miles long and ten high and call it a castle. Foundations should not work like walls and should rot quick if used in such a way.

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Agree, things should be harder to craft, people that want to build towns should play on rp or single player, not block half the map on pvp official servers.

I do not agree that things should be harder to craft. Building is part of the game and should not be an obstacle to playing and enjoying the game. Most people that build great towns do play on private servers.

If the wall is in PvP, knock it down. You do not need to knock down the whole wall just enough pieces that the decay counter drops for lacking connected pieces. This should work, yes?

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sandstone foundations are so weak that a single bomb would take out a large chunk of the wall. People who use sandstone for such a project are simply lazy.

Need more purges to demolish this junk. It´s not Minecraft after all.