Casual player woes & micromanagement - Feedback

I really enjoy kicking back for a few hours tinkering and building but as a casual player the last couple of updates have really taken a lot of the enjoyment away.

Family share - I was someone using it, and have now bought the game since it was taken away because of people who can’t play fair. Fair enough, I enjoyed it enough to purchase it however now I am second guessing myself.

Being a casual player it was nice to login every 5 days or so and have a small amount of fish to feed to cook, or make ichor/oil with for the small amount of things I need/use as a solo player. Id get all that going and then head out to explore, or build or whatever. Now, I’m going to login to nothing and spend my entire time farming just to get a normal amount of food or a tiny amount of resources. In the time I got stone, wood, iron and an abundance of other things, I got a handful of insects for the worst fish and a little bit of resin. Those changes won’t matter to clans and people with good tools I’m sure but they matter to me.

Speaking of food - for the less skilful of us, the decay rate since IoS is just woeful. It feels like lower level or less skilled players are being punished just because big clans and veterans have tons of everything (so the changes won’t even matter to them, just like the changes above won’t) I had stopped exploring entirely just because it’s questionable if I’d even survive long enough now.

I can’t comment on all the benches I’m going to have to fit everywhere yet (without the thralls to fill them) Why can’t we have 1 bench for each discipline that has everything in it? The build cost could be higher or something, so then those of us who don’t want an entire wing just for crafting don’t need one.

It just feels too micro-managed now, add that on top of the base decay rate that is far too short and it’s become very disappointing for this casual exile indeed. :frowning: I just want to experience the game, not spend the only time I get in it trying to make (now) really poor quality food just to stay alive, with a handful of bugs that were everywhere before and nowhere to be seen now.


Yes its become more and more unfrendly for singel players, ex what you say and how almost imposeble it is to get a purge/serge, and if you get one its not that big chanse to get somthing out off it.

Plus in combo when its realy dagnerus to join people in a clan. To big risk and no safty.

Or if you join a clan your stuff becomes owned by said clan they boot you and end up with nothing but whats on your character

Most of the people I saw regularly before IoS have moved onto the new map (community split in 2, but that’s another topic) so when I go in now its mostly new names and some of the clan names are obviously meant to sound trollish so I feel exactly like this would happen lol They are probably all fine people, but I don’t want to login with a nearly dead sword and nothing else left of my possessions haha

It is REALLY tough to play on solo now. The decay rates and purge/surge are only parts of it. I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe make larger waterskins a feat and increase the decay timer on food/drink? Also, perhaps, increase the durability on tools.

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