Casual Raiders, new pvp server, join today!

Casual Raiders is a brand new server
the theme of the server is as in the name casual pvp, raids ar on wednesdays
with special pvp events on the weekend.

Discord is up join the server to get the log in

the rules are as follow

§1 Don’t talk about Casual Raiders PvP

§2 No blocking of spawns or dungeons

§3 No cheating or undermeshing

§4 No unnecessarily laggy buildings

§5 Don’t spam the chat, and don’t act like a 14 year old (remember trash talk IS allowed!)

§6 Fence stacking is not allowed, to save everyone’s time during raid but also when building

§7 Horse PvP is forbidden

§8 Cat pets are forbidden

§9 Don’t camp obelisks/dungeon entrances and don’t kill players in loading screen

§10 Base camp is allowed, this is good to keep in mind when constructing your base.

§11 Proof is required before reporting other players for rule breaks. (Screenshots, recordings)

if you have any suggestions please let me know

/By this axe i rule!

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