Cataclysm Kingdom/Faction RP server Xbox

My gaming group has decided we want to dip into the role playing server community. We are doing a 10 slot test run to see if its worth investing in long term. Slots will be increased as needed.
We’ve hopped around a few popular RP servers these last few months and have incorporated the common rulesets and server setup into ours.

This will be a primarily Discord run server. Mics are not necessary. The detailed list of rules can be found on our Discord channel.

It is a kingdom/faction based server with PvP enabled. However the PvP is restricted and structured so as to prevent trolling. Details on Discord.

Currently, due to bugs introduced with the anniversary update the server settings are stuck on default. Once these issues are patched harvesting and XP will be boosted. Nobody likes grinding.

Here’s the invite code for the Discord channel. Once on the channel shoot an admin a msg and you’ll recieve server details.

Discord in invite code

What’s it like in comparison to Scarlett Citadel?

Very similar.
The differences being that while yes there will be bad guys, they will not have free reign to harass the entire server. There has to be balance in order to ensure players have an enjoyable experience.

Secondly, the only set narrative is a brief backstory leading up to the beginning of the server. We want players to control the narrative, which will then be documented in the lore. There will be occasional events to keep things moving, but overall we want things to play out naturally and build a story around player interactions.

Still have slots open for any interested