Catapult lost stability after 4 days?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US server, official PvP 3527

Not sure if it’s a bug or new intention to make it so catapults (even defensive ones on your own base) aren’t permanent. But…

Built a nice catapult on top of a fully Black ice T3 base. It was awesome, built on a five by five grid of T3 foundation two layers thick. Foundation was at 80% stability because it was above a roof. Catapult was 70% stability. Logged in last night to see it gone and log saying it lost stability at server reset the night before. Four days after I built it. Sigh… rebuilt and hoping it remains again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build 5x5 grid of T3 foundation, 2 high (50 blocks total) on top of a roof, so foundation bricks are all 80% stability.
  2. Build catapult foundation, base, stack and arm
  3. Wait 4 days, confirm catapult at 70% stability entire time.
  4. Login day 5, see defensive base catapult gone.
  5. Check log. See catapult “lost stability” during server reset.
  6. Scratch head going “WTF”, rebuild catapult and wait again…

It’s an old bug. I think the word at the time was that catapults were supposed to randomly disappear, which sounded odd, but being a PvE player I didn’t really care since we have no need of them (other than for the journey step).

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