Catus "improvements", tier one wooden structures and other sugestions

So Cactus, prickly plants that according to legend we could once walk through just like the bushes… How to improve that? Bring back the ability to walk through Cacti, but with one added detail: Doing so should inflict bleed just like the pallisides. (They are prickly cactus after all, why shouldn’t running through them hurt? Perhaps introduce other prickly plants too that would fit in other biomes, like roses or some other bush type plants known for their thorns…)

Okay, we have wood, and we have twine, why are we not able to lash wood or sticks together to make some rough wooden walls? Granted they would probably be the weakest T1 building materials in the game, but still should be barely good enough to survive a sandstorm in…

I’ve suggested it before, but I’ll suggest it again: Chickens… Basically it would be nice to have some non-hostile birds that we could hunt in most biomes for all of our feather needs… We have deer, elk and bunnies for our leather… So why not? With pets incoming they would also make an excellent source of farm-able eggs. After all keeping chickens has got to be easier than keeping bees right? just feed them seeds of basically any type and they give you eggs, or you can simply butcher them for meat…

Now as for magic, perhaps some sort of ritual construct able recipie for summoning a storm… (With each biome having different requirements for summoning the area’s storm… Such as the Newbie zone being where sandstorms are able to be summoned)

Storms once summoned would of course behave just like their random counterparts… (So a sandstorm would still last about as long as it would normally, it’s simply that the players would be able to trigger it with a ritual, but it would still damage them if they were foolish enough to not have the proper protection from it once it hit…)

Oh and maybe let us dismantle building stuff in our inventory if we decide that we don’t need it, instead of having to place it first before we can dismantle it…


I’d really like a t1 wood building skin, similar to the log cabins you see in the north.