CE = 3rd Person. Char re-customization should be prioritized


When a game is first person or RTS, agency becomes secondary. CE started out as a first person centric experience as evidence by the quality of first person assets and animations. Extra detail was given to agency in first person, like looking down and either seeing a pair of boobs or a sausage.

But when your world literally revolves around your character with a graphic fidelity down to the smallest detail, re-customization is the single feature that has universal influence across PvE, PvP, PvE-C. This feature will be used by everyone, because you cannot unsee what your world revolves around.

My father once said: “Don’t skimp on what you use the most.” What do we use and see the most? Our characters in 3rd person.

It only takes 1 mistake by the player to undermine the enjoyment brought on by all the artistic effort that went into rigging, meshing and skinning the character, on an official server.

“But you only see the backside of your character most of the time!”
Tyeah. Might be why CE could get away with not having character re-customization for so long.


While i agree myself with your wish, because i love be able to customise my avas, make them look the best i can, change them, all this and that, i don’t think it’s a top-notch priority for the game itself right now.

Like said, i love fiddle after my char, and be able to change it afterward. But i think this isn’t the case for all.
Also the game has still important issues that need fixes, so this may come way way after.
Look at some videos and screenshots around. While some do amazing and beautiful pictures, other don’t have the machine to do so, or simply don’t have the interest to do so.
They play the game for the game, and that’s.
Depends also lot in what community you play.

Also a singleplayer game is more easy to handle avatar customization further than a mutliplayer game, that’s just normal in a way.

Sure, i would love more options, more sliders, be able to alter the hight of my eyes, and and and so much more. :blush:

I think an option like often seen in other posts, like a barbershop to change appearence in game some time later would satisfy many players in a good immersive way. It would be a nice step in the right direction i mean.

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Anything that isn’t a priority is not going to happen.

This is not like Star Citizen where half of their promises are gated behind pre-requisite tech.

It’s a time and resource investment thing. “What’s going to bring the most people back?”

In an environment where content will always be consumed faster than it can be produced, system features are the best value.

I agree that bug fixes are important, but if everything is put on hold until all bugs are fixed, CE will find itself to be on stasis forever, because bugs aren’t something you solve once and for all. You have to keep at it.


The annoying thing is that there are mods that enable many of the features we keep asking for: armor stands, character recustomization, changing crafters’ clothes. So when someone implies they want all the bugs fixed first, it’s frustrating because we aren’t even asking for the devs to come up with something completely new out of the blue. They could literally look under the hood of mods that have been able to do these things for close to a year now and get a head-start on their implementation.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, when people repeatedly lament not having these features on consoles and PC officials, we get people telling us to use this mod or that. It’s as though there’s no appreciation of not wanting to leave behind 1000s of hours of effort and friendships that we’ve made with other players on our servers.

So anyway, long way of saying I agree emphatically with Halcyon on this one. The devs don’t have to completely clean the Augean Stables before being able to pick a few low-hanging fruit here and there.


It would be a nice feature to have, but it’s not essential to me. The things they’ve been working on instead (balancing, bug fixes and new content) make sense to me, and I’m a satisfied customer for now.

Yeah, no kidding about good work on adding content, on FC’s part.

A good method to implement a character re-customization feature which wouldn’t lag the server is to make it “DNA” based… An example is this:

2345 F234 9476 2312 FF466
3754 2864 7742 4432 BK345

That code above alone would hold the full genome of a character and are slider + color values.

It’s also kinda already how CharEditLite works i think. At least how it saves the info…

The client doesn’t need to bother servers with permissions because there’s nothing to exploit. During the session that appearance data is then saved client side (so the client can spam the changes as much as they like, it won’t add traffic). On the next save cycle, this information is uploaded to the server. This way clients can’t coordinate and spam 40 face changes at once and lag the server, creating an in-game DDOS.

Secondly, if the re-customization needs to screw up currently existing faces on update, no big deal, cuz people can just re-customize.


HSL color picker for the eyes, hair, skin, etc would be a big step.

I also made a dye maker algorithm a long time ago for more dye colors: https://jsfiddle.net/3c0bsjx1/4/#run

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Dude, Isaac! That’s crazy cool! GOOD WORK :o Your code is fascinating too.

If water had volume, it could affect the saturation of the dye.

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