CE Needs/Wants List

Dear Funk Om,

Whilst I’m really enjoying CE so far there are many things that the game lacks, so I’ve been comprising a list. If you could make all this happen ASAP I’d appreciate that. In no particular order…

  1. Inventory Tabs. For the love all things holy could we please get actual tabs/pages to tab through?!?! As it is right now the UI is just painful to use. I’d really prefer to have all my weapons on a weapons page, armor on an armor page, an so on.

  2. Configurable UI. Given how important this has been to MMOs since forever now it boggles the mind that you guys didn’t design with that in mind from the outset. In this day and age, for a game like this, a much more powerful and configurable UI is not only necessary it should just be a standard. I’d love to be able to move things around. I’d love to have another hot bar or two that I stack or align side by side, etc.

  3. Mini-map and/or compass? One would be nice.

  4. Sticky menus. I generally set my containers to sort by name so it would be nice if they actually stayed that way until I change them again. As it is now, they almost always reset to Custom as soon as you exit out of the container. This also applies to menus in the UI. For example going online the menu always resets to default instead of what I selected last. If I pick Favorites and tick Mod’d servers there’s a reason for that. Stop reseting to default every time I exit the menu. It’s beyond annoying.

  5. I’d like to see visuals for shrubbery enhanced. I was already 100 hours in before I accidentally harvested a desert berry bush. I’d been looking for berry bushes everywhere and not realizing that’s what I’d been looking for the whole time. They should be more pronounced/obvious.

  6. Another MMO standard, allow emotes in the chat box with ‘backslash emote’, e.g. /wave.

  7. Good lord in heaven this one is needed so badly. Allow people to select and drop multiple items from inventory/containers at once. Super annoying to constantly click one stack of something than drop, repeat ad nauseum. Why can’t I simply CRTL+Click multiple stacks to drop all at once?

  8. Bouncing corpses. Some of those suckers can really fly when you’re harvesting them.

  9. Lower crafting on the Sand Mask to level 10 or at least level 20 max.

  10. Map room lowered to level 10 or 20 max as well. Having it end game is useless. Either that or get mounts in the game ASAP! Game so needs mounts. Yet another thing that’s mind-boggling it’s not in-game as standard.

  11. Fountains would be nice to build. Lit with colored water if desired.

  12. Like to see more colors for lighting to beyond fire, goop fire, blue or purple witch fire. Why not just allow those things to be combined with a dye of your choice and have a corresponding colored flame?I need me some green witchfire for my temples.

  13. Small sailboats - like in ■■■ Creed Origins - and/or canoes/rafts would be pretty sweet if doable.

  14. The ability to dye/paint furniture would be nice.

  15. Need more art - paintings, sculpture, instruments, et al.

  16. Really need a glass tile set. Think greenhouses, stained glass windows, even aquariums and underwater homes.

  17. Library. Bookshelves, bookcases and books to put on them.

  18. Need a LOT more variation in furniture. There isn’t nearly enough variation. Take shelving for instance. There’s one wooden shelf - and it doesn’t work very well as is. Seriously? One shelf? We need them of all manner of shape, size, and materials. Tables? Why are there no end tables? Every house on earth has end tables. Couches, et al.

And that’s about it for now. I’ll continue to make notes and update as I go along. Thanks