Ceiling Stacking bug still exist

Ceiling, fence foundation stacking bug still exists to crash server, its actually easier now with fence foundations since they tend to want to place in only 1 spot

Food is also bugging out thrall inventories

i tested it and could get many fences inside a square foundation, maybe a 100 or more, i didnt count, but not crossing them over foundation

The food thing with thralls are no good at the moment, when i put food in their inventory it dissapears, i see no bar or sign that it got a buff or when an eventually buff is ending, its just throwing food down a black hole…
Also with elephants, they are so greedy, when i try to let them transport plant fiber they just eat it all :frowning:

When they get into a fight, you will see an icon over their health bar if you fed them one of their preferred foods. That’s how you can confirm they are getting the max buff.

na they are holding food in their inventory but the icon is stuck there cant move the food or do anything with it if i put something on top of it, it will disappear

Hey there,

We’re aware of this. The fix on Testlive does not include all the changes coming out soon. It just includes the most basic one that could affect legit bases and buildings :slight_smile:

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