Cerberus, Heavy RP Cabal, is recruiting!

After a successful launch and consolidation into SWL, we are pleased to say that Cerberus is opening recruitment once again!

Cerberus is one of the oldest dedicated RP Cabals in TSW and now SWL. We tell complex, interesting stories that are grounded in the Secret World, heavy on choices, consequences and what it means to operate in the dark fringes of the world. Over recent months CS operatives have managed to thwart the machinations of a sinister cult hell-bent on breaking down the walls between Faerie and our mortal coil, have investigated a gruesome murder somehow linked to Celtic mythologies and are caught in the middle of a brewing conflict between old and new gods. All the while a mysterious figure stalks them from the shadows…

Whilst Cerberus Solutions is an Illuminati cabal, we are happy to accept applicants from any faction as long as they can work with and thrive in a corporate environment - we have several long-term contractors, who are technically members of another faction but are still part of the community.

We have a lively Discord channel, regular plot events and are working up to more regular PvE content - if that’s something that you’d like to help us with we’d love to hear from you.

Please see our site for more details, and the application form.


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