Certain Mods not working

Is there a way to tell if certain mods don’t work with each other? Also do you have to enable certain mods? I’ve tried a number of character creation changes mods but they never seem to appear.

Like Pygmies and Giants, Glowing Eyes & More, Cupcake’s Aesthetics, Shaved and Oiled (May 2018) don’t seem to show. Maybe the Oiled one does, does that mean it is incompatible with the others?

You’re better off asking in the Steam discussion for each mod. Only the mod authors will truly know their own mods and there’s no guarantee that they read these forums.

In general, if you suspect incompatabilties, then start with just your most desired mod activated and confirm that it works. You then add each additional mod one at a time. If when you add an additional mod something breaks or the mod doesn’t appear to work, then you can try shifting it up or down the mod loading list to see if that helps. Obviously the more mods you have the more complex it can be to get the right load order and in some cases some mods won’t work together no matter what load order is used.

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