Chain of Servitude RP PVP Immersive world PC

Name of Server: Chains of Servitude


Age Restrictions: 18+

Location of Server: NA

Max capacity of server: 20 however we will expand as needed

Is the server pass worded or open: Password protected

Server Settings
XP rate: x2
Gathering Rate: x2
Day/Night Ratio: Long days and Nights
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.3
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Currently No, Events only

Peak Play Times: Late night EST

Does the Server use Mods: Yes

If yes, Mods List:

Ruin of the storm placeables
Immersive Sexiles Extensions
Conan Sexiles

Is there an application to join the server: No

Server Lore:

Chains of Servitude is an RP-PvP Server with a focus on deep immersion. Our Admin team is working hard to build an environment true to REH’s lore, and to develop a sense of culture and tension. As development moves forward we will be offering cultural and religious themed events along side a server wide plot. We even offer a system of In Character governance and social rank in which you, the players, can gain influence over the laws of the land, and even build your own small Fiefdoms with your own laws and social order

Server Ruleset:

We host a rule set meant to encourage immersion, and consequence role play. Local is always considered IC, names required to be lore friendly and cheating of any kind strictly forbidden. Our build rules are generous, with ample space being allowed for on both the solo and clan level, and Admin support is happy provide help setting up lore friendly and attractive builds. PvP is set up to allow freedom, but control large scale actions and protect both the solo player and our builds from wanton destruction at the hands of large groups. Rules will be enforced with fairness and admin’s being held to a high standard of fair play at all times. Full details are available on our discord.

Come join the great Stygian uprising in the South, the city of Sazukhen. With its priests and priestess of Derketo and pyramid of wonders. Fight for Ammit the demon of the sands and help forge order from chaos among the desert.

Join the legendary warriors of Nordheime in their great city of Dimunarvgr where you’ll seek out and raid nearby villages and pay homage to your Queen Alurraa. Fight for a place in her household guard or tell the tales of heroes as a skjald.

If you wish to start your own kingdom then feel free to speak to the admins and we shall seek to help raise you and your clan from your flee bitten hovel to a realm all of your own. Fight, trade and lust after your neighbours possessions and quest to make your lands great. Any other ideas are welcome as we are a growing server dedicated to immersive roleplay and creating a whole world in which people can thrive. Any questions then don’t hesitate to message me or just post here

All who would join will be part of a discord group to help keep in touch so your never far from help or the admin team. Join us and help develop this map into a world. If you wish to join then comment on here or add me on discord KnightOfThorns#7892

With the game finally released we are hoping to grow even further. So please come check us out if you want to find a good rp server with admins only a message a way.