Challanges Broken And Battle Pass as well

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Battle Pass
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Black Bottle
Mods: 1.Pippi,880454836 2;Emberlight,1369802940 3. 4.ImprovedQualityofLIfe,2275543723 5.RACharactercustomization,1542041983 6. 7.BarbarianSurgeon,2275573619, 8.BarbarianBarber,2050780234 9.AkubasSalon,1938818750, 10.VeloxTattoos,1546922129 11.ImmersiveArmors,1966733568 12.GrimProductions,1976970830 13.HighHeels,2010870025, 14.Accessorywardrobe,2098700751, 15.KerozardsParagonLevelingReloaded[300],1629644846 16.Crucial Decorations [nordicdecorpak],2388040354 17.Beyond Decorations,2474566370 18.Beyond Rustic Decorations,2752945598 19.Beyond Stations,2644416526 20.Savage Steel,1367404881 21.Savage Steel 2,1598693222 22.Shani’s Stuff, 1815573406, 23.Happy Little Trees,2759298265 24.AG - Altars, 2554880961 25.SH - Decorations,2104523845 26.Conspirator-Armor,1843153194 27.Banquet Decorations,2717377411 28.Exotic Decorations,2718413225 29.Jewels Of Stygia, 2701411419, 30.LitMan Item Stack & Container Size Recompiled,2236570677 31.Unlock Plus,877108545, 32.Better Sorcery,2858005659 33.Northern Timber, 1928978003 34.Sand And Stone, 2411388528, 35.Arenas Pier,1855055876 36.SH - Building Kit,2261494087 37.Mod Control Panel,1823412793 37.Pythagoras Expanded Building,2723987721, 38.Less Building Placement Restriction, 1369743238 39.LBPR_Additional_Features,1444947329, 40.Better Thralls,931088249 42.Thralls to Level 100,2528389350 43.Tier4Thralls Medium Spawn,1453301901 44.More Purge Thralls, 2785817542, 45.Corrupted Female Skin Be Gone,2857326514 46.Bark By Product,862116109, 47.Faster Horses,2852540740 48.Litman Increased Weight Recompiled,2234744777

Bug Description:

For a Challange had Craft an Armor Piece: Crafted Bacharan Riever Slouch Hat , Could not Claim Reward, And tried to Level up the Battle Pass level at 32 and could not claim that either .

Bug Reproduction:

Cant Reproduce it as cant move forward on Challanges …since this Challange is broken and cant claim I cant do any other Challange now either…it doesnt register

Greetings Pashen!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the broken Challenges.

Situations like this may be due to mods that are being used in the server.
In order for us to test this out, I would suggest for you to delete the following file:
Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods\modlist.txt and manually unsubscribe from all your Conan modes. This will guarantee that mods are not loaded.

Please let us know if the issue persists after performing the suggested steps Pashen.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

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