Challenge reward: crom coins

one of the challenge rewards (level 4) was to receive 120x crom coins which would be ‘added to my account’.

am i right in assuming my ‘account balance’ would reflect in the top right corner? if so, there’s a bug. it still reads 0 crom coins after achieving and surpassing the rewards.

any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps you could elaborate; What is a crom coin? Never heard of it.

from the BattlePass (note the balance at the top right):


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@tiny you need to put this on Conan exiles.

thanks for pointing that out. i was in the exiles general area and hit support. and i just posted. didn’t confirm i was still in exiles.

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They should have the games separated better when browsing. The only reason I have not cross post yet is because of not starting to many new topics. Considering moving Forum to tablet so I can see better.

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