Challenges not progressing

As is the topic. I’m playing on official siptah and it’s not giving me progress for gathering black ice and iron nodes, or gathering feathers.

the other 2 challenges are exiled lands specific. Why couldn’t they just keep the challenges general and not make you jump map to map to complete them?


Yeah, map specific challenges are a bother. Of course you can always just complete them in Single-Player if you have a character on both maps, but as I just started a fresh character on the Exiled Lands map, it’s a little difficult to get to the challenge places alive when all I have is vanilla light armor and iron weapons…

On the other hand, mining iron nodes worked for me on Exiled Lands. I’ll need to test Siptah.

“Iron nodes” were fine, but I’ve tested them in single player Siptah.

P.S Was gathering black ice for 10 min. and wondering why “gather black ice” was not working - just to realize it was actually “Gather Black lotus” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So far I’ve only had Exile Land challenge, nothing on Siptah Island. They’e pretty easy to make : mining black ice and iron nodes, gathering feather from a vultur nest, killing Dogs of the Desert, going to the Oracle in the Volcan and Bucaneer bay and the city in the jungle (Idon’t remember its name), praying on the grave in Tellith Island. Well, for the last one I had to look at the CE wiki because I didn’t remember its exact location on the island.
There’s gathering frost lotus I haven’t done. I need to look at the wiki too to see where I can find it. I think in my four playing CE I’ve never found this lotus.
I play in single player for now. I’ve been to long without playing CE and I’m a new player on PC. I’m not yet accustomed to move using a keyboard.

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