ChameniGnosi / StrayGenius here, all my mods working, also know about some others

I deleted some of my mods as they are no longer supported as being redundant (with another mod of mine) or obsolete (the game has taken up this task).

Mods of mine I deleted…
Strays Simple Grid Map (game map now has a grid)
Strays Posters (was replaced with Strays Better Signs)
Strays Last Rites (replaced with Strays Last Rites Plus)

Our “Life In Exile” leased server in LA, CA USA is currently up and running with the following mod list…

Note that you my need to relearn some zero cost feats (if you don’t see the craft options this is the case). I also have been told signs from StraysBetterSigns are missing. This is unfortunate but the nature of the work I did on five of my mods (the more invasive ones) to get them in sync with the latest update required sacrifices including an all nighter working at it. I apologize for having to recraft items from StraysBetterSigns.

Also note that I still prefer StraysLastRitesPlus to the current corpse + marker, and it’s still a viable mod for use imo, and the tombstone was made larger to make a quick grab easier (and the tombstone easier to spot).

Much thanks to Char Edit Lite, Immersion & RP, and Emberlight for their work on updating for the game update so quickly.

Much thanks to the Funcom devs for providing an update to the devkit at the same time as the game update… this is fantastic support for Conan Exile modders.

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