Change Arena style

After building a huge base with Arena style with tall buildings and many pillars my base looks like
a fantasy of Albert Speer and I have the feeling to name my fortress Adolf’s hut.

Seriously, the Arena style looks like the ■■■■ neoclassizism. With Arena I associate greek-roman architecture, maybe early Etrusq style, terracotta color, but not the color of concrete and the overall simplistic edged style of ■■■■ neoclassizism.

Well, it doesn’t look like this in single pieces so I decided for this style as a simplistic style (in contradiction to the cheesy stormglas for example) to now find myself in a ■■■■ Fortress and pretty unhappy with my own base. Is this for purpose chosen that some guys could make their Adolf hut’s? A bit more terracotta color and rounder pillars, rounder edges, a bit less concrete look and this would be gone.

Any chance for an overhaul of this… piece of “Art”?. Or is this not by accident that it looks exactly like 3rd Reich?

I had never made that particular connection, so I googled some images of buildings made with the Arena pieces. If I try very hard I can see the resemblance, in ambience if not in detail. It’s admittedly a little blocky and angular if you compare it to e.g. real-life Colosseum, which I imagine has served as their primary source of inspiration, rather than the Berlin Olympiastadion.

I have made a big base with high ceilings and many pillars, as it was at a large cliff I built this in a big line, high, large buildings at som epoints used many pillars, and it reminded me instantly. I was shocked and didn’t like my base at all. It is this functional edgy blocky style with this special color. I as a german am instantly reminded on 3rd Reich Buildings. This is not really what I expected buying.

I’m sorry but I can’t really see any resemblance with neoclassicism in the arena building style…
Many “key style aspects” of neoclassicism are missing.

Obviously though, if you rebuild the general shape of those real buildings you can make the ingame version look like that with any build set. So I guess it’s not a problem with the build set but rather with your building style.

I don’t build the general shape of those real buildings. As I said it is a problem with this style as it very fast looks like 3rd reich if you use tall buildings and pillars. It is the style + the color. Pity I paid for it.

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