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Hi, my funcom ID is my full name and I dont really want that information advertised to everyone on server. Can I please change my funcom ID? It woud be very much appreciated!



This is a totally insane practice, even crazier that it is not disclosed ahead of time.

Nunca debiste haberlo hecho.

I have purchased Conan exiles on all platforms (PC, PS4, XBOX), latest would be PC. I am currently playing on PC, purchased the Isle of Septah as well.

I have supported Conan Exiles from the start, early access on console and I have also have spent plenty of money on DLC packs.

All that I am requesting is for a mod to allow me to change my PC Funcom ID. We can do this via DM or however it works…

Thanks again.

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It seems like it would be very easy to make this happen for me, I’m not sure why no one that is able to do so is responding.

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because its a bug report forum not a request forum


Greetings @coldhands

Please feel free to reach out to us via Zendesk. We will do our best to help you out.