Change the colour of placeable item outlines, and move Outer Face text

Ok so here is my issue and my simple solution.

I have a Sandstone wall and a Sandstone frame I want to upgrade them to Sandbrick. Now the sandstone frame has a window and through this window I can just make out the “er F” of Outer Face so depending on which way that is facing I can tell which way the the wall is going to go in.

But a sandbrick wall can’t be put on a sandstone frame you have to put a wall on a wall, only now you can’t see the words anymore as the words are not actually on the surface but inside the wall.

Now you are going to say well just look at the outline, for me that is the issue the glowing out line for the new wall is golden yellow and sandstone is yellow as well so for me it is very hard to see the outline.

What I would like is to be able to change the colour to something like green or as then I can see the outline over the yellow sandstone.