Change to cutscene in "The Prisoner"?

Has there been an intentional change (TSW/SWL) to the cutscene in The Prisoner tier 1 where Emma appears as a flash frame in the corner of the cell? Just played it through on a new character and she doesn’t appear.


Thought it was changed when I replayed recently on my original character but didn’t take much note.
Would there be a retcon/lore/legend reason why this has changed, or is it a foobar?

I played through that mission a few weeks ago and she definitely appeared for me.

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Really weird then. Played through it on 2 characters and no show :frowning: I’ll give it a go on another PC, maybe there is something up on my box…

She’s only there for a moment, so it’s easy to miss.


This was bugging me so much when I ran the mission again I captured it. All I can see any indication on is 2 frames where there is a red-brown streak in the corner of view:

F0_Emma F1_Emma F2_Emma

Haven’t spoiler tagged since it’s a smear of greased lightning :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s something to do with my setup, I was worried that there was something up with my eyes since everyone else can still see what was always there…

I’m removing what I just said lol. I’m an idiot. I thought the screenshot was of an NPC.

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Just FYI, she has been removed from that cutscene for a long time, as well as her blip from the end of the train mission.
According to the developers this is because in TSW these missions came AFTER you finished Transylvania (ie: after you had met Emma), and in SWL they are integrated into the story before you ever reach her, so it no longer made sense.


Thanks Jimmy; I also got a friend to run the mission on her (very different) pc, and she got the same result as me. Bummer though, that was a classic and genuinely spooky foreshadow.

The odd thing is I managed to somehow run through Transylvania in TSW without much clue about Emma until after I played the issue missions, so the original foreshadowing was a real “huh?” moment for me until I finished :slight_smile:


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