Changes/additions to the new jumping animation

First, it needs to have its arc and speed adjusted. It feels mechanical, and just… off… as it is, currently. It lacks momentum.

Next, I’d like to suggest that an addition be made, involving the “Catlike” agility perk. I do like how when falling and taking a bit of damage, there is an animation now to accompany that. Would like to suggest that when the Cat-like agility perk is achieved, that animation be changed from the falling forward to check the ground with hands, to a forward shoulder roll. Shoulder rolls (forward, and backwards, sideways, etc) is one method people ACTUALLY use to negate fall damage in real life, so seeing it mimicked in game would add to the immersion.


Then have them land just like cats? … :thinking:
Wouldnt work in reality for human beings I guess, but well…

I hate to agree with jumps seeming a lil… stiff or else weird…
Maybe speeding their animations up a tad might help already? idk.

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