Changes maybe? My view

Make black ice to bars before building with it.
Let us make obsidian bars at home.
Remove dismantle benches and let us travel to a place for dismantle.
Make maproom in unnamed work?
Make timer on sandstone a lot less, and have timer increase with tier.
Move some obelisks. Swamp, jungle, dregs.
Remove clothes stats, give us kits for add on’s.
Make all legendary weapon have bonuses.

I just made all 4 armor from Warmaker, to bad I cant use it unless in vulcano and the cold + makes me to warm almost everywhere?

Double the health for players and 2x all npc damage.

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Other than a rework to temperature stats. Theres no reason for any of this… Im sorry, usually i try to be supportive of most new ideas but each of these seem kinda pointless, some even unnecessarily time wasting. But i agree with you that id like to be able to use a kit to “line” my own armors w temperature protection


I cannot say that you don’t have some points here but… One at the time bro. Choose the one suggestion you want to be done more, explain the reasons and then if i agree you 'll know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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