Changes to decay permissions and mechanics

Testlive server is where I’ve been playing the last 2 days. As I run around, I keep seeing thralls and pets floating in the air. I assume they stay that way until the server restarts? It looks really dumb. Completely breaks immersion. When a building piece is supporting a pet/thrall and it breaks from decay, please make them drop to the ground.

Next thing I’ve run into is a vanishing chest. I watched one decay away in front of me and the contents become a loot pile. I could not take the pile. I did not have permissions. Why? At this point, the contents should be fair game.

Finally, there should be a visual for building & placeable decay, but I don’t know if there is a simple way to do this, without having to create time consuming new artwork. Could some low res distortion be applied, so the graphics just look a little uglier? If it impacts game performance, then ignore this idea, but it would be very helpful for visual immersion. It is surprising to climb a stairway to an iron mine (that someone left) and after mining the iron, it is no longer there for the return trip. If I knew the stairs were about expired, I might not have climbed them :wink:

They should look like they are about to collapse, right?

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