Changes to Followers

I have yet to make a full list of the changes but upon review of the tier 4 sherpas from the Exiled Lands they have received a rework in the Hit Points gained per point leveled in Vitality. In chapter 3 and for some time now all bearers shared the stats for how many hit points they would gain. Each level in vitality would give the bearers 182 additional HP, allowing them to reach high levels of HP which was good because they have low level damage modifiers. Now it seems that all the tier 4 bearers have had a rework and their HP gained per point in vitality is lower. A fully leveled tier 4 bearer now reaches around 3500 HP on the high side at level 20. Many of the bearers gain around 60 hp per point. This is a pretty huge change and it is not listed in the patch notes so it should be looked into.


Have Bearers that were already placed and fully leveled been affected?

If Funcom’s behavior for 2023 and beyond has taught me anything it’s that they actively want you to lose everything - they have been working on ensuring that you die and lose your items, your followers die and lose items, and if you don’t go out into the world and die then bugs will just delete your followers and destroy your base. Nice work guys.

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