Changing clans can i keep my base?

Hi i have a clan im the only one there but i want to join another clan is there anyway i can keep my base?

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Yes, but only if you are the only member of your existing clan.

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The “trap” here is that you ain’t going to have the leadership of your base and belongings anymore! So if the leader you’ll meet in the new clan kick you, you loose everything. Your only remains will be the ones in your inventory!
Then again if you have approach the followers limit and the clan you will join is in the same fate, you’ll loose a great number of followers.
The last obstacle is the TOS. If you have already lots of builds and you’ll visit a clan with lots of builds as well, then you risk a ban possibility if you play on official servers.
So yes, you keep your base, no problem, but make sure you ain’t risking. Clan gaming is awesome, yet it has traps, beware of them and have fun exile!


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