Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

As one of the few who were extremely put out by this I understand we can’t have our servers back. Once it happened the first time we lost everything. Doing the same to another person would only make it just as bad and us just as bad for asking back a server people are playing on now as well. Yes, I see that us losing something is upsetting, but we are getting the conflict servers back and that is good enough for me because it’s a play style I prefer. I won’t get bored like with PVE and I don’t have to worry and be stressed out that my stuff will be gone like with PVP.

Because as a college student I can’t always protect my things.

Thank you team for bringing it back. Just please don’t make this same mistake again in the future?


This is a good turn-around and well done @AndyB through this rough time, where was Jens in all this mess?!?!

I do think it’s best you start the servers with a fresh map, just promise that they’ll not get changed again…

Its just a shame it took your management so long to come back to us all, I’m still amazed it took them so long to see the errors in their actions. Funny how they change their tune once the bad reviews and requests for refund start rolling in, it’s all about money at the end of the day.

I appreciate that you’re outsourcing the servers, but surely you had other options to hand. For example, the servers are handling the 40 players with ease, why didn’t you just up the limits to say 50 per server for a few days to give extra capacity?

We’ve started on our own server now, do we want to start fresh a 3rd time this week?, I’m not sure, we’ll discuss it tonight with our crew.

Anyway, I’m please that your management have seen the light, now, NO more F-ups please, you’re killing your own game…


Thank you for listening to your community! I know it’s not an ideal solution and most wanted the servers reverted but you really put yourselves between a rock and a hard place there.

Please reflect on the reasoning used by the person or persons who made the original decision in order to make sure that similar reasoning is not used in future decisions.

As per my previous comment, I will be buying the game now.


@AndyB can we expect then up tonight? And if so an ish eta on that? Saw america ones are up. Wanna know if i should stay at pc spamming refresh or not


orrrrrrr we could change the the server that were meant to be PvEC back to what they were, I know pretty much everyone on the Australian server 1970 wants it to be PvEC. i could get people on the server to verify that, i meant we joined and played on that server thinking it was PvEC and would very much like to not have to start again

A bunch should be up right now.

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I b!tched when you took them down and I’m thanking you now for putting them back up. Not our original server but I can live with that.

Thanks again.


Well , Im surprised.

Well done to Funcom.

(For at least learning to be a little bit less stubborn than they were back in the ‘Age of Conan’ days)

I do hope the listening to customers continues. It can really make or break a title.

Very bad screw up! Not the fastest fix,but I’m happy it’s fixed! I’m happy it’s over and we can move on to this great game! to just up the player count :slight_smile:

New servers are great, but please revert the original PVE-C server back from PVP, some of us already have spent quite a bit of time on those, or at least let us transfer our characters.

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yea and now those people that have been there as full pvp have almost spent a longer time than you guys had and probably had more, lesser of two demons bro. and lets be honest you think that stuffs still there if you just stopped when they converted? If you stuck out the pvp status and are still there i can understand but if you abandoned it no right to ask for it to also be ripped from them.

What I think about focusing you efforts for the PvP players…
The biggest problem in the PvP servers, in my point of view, are the 24/7 players. They will wipe the new players from the map ASAP. And if you’re a newbie to the game, you’ll get frustrated and go to the PvE servers, or the new tipe (best ever created) PvE-C. In conclusion, in a few weeks the PvP servers will be dominated, each server with 1-2 clans (20 palyers max), and like this the PvP servers will slowly start to die. But the PvE-C is the mid therm for the PvP lovers that want to keep their base safe as in the PvE, it will always be full in the incoming future, wait and you’ll see!

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@AndyB So, please add back the SA PvE-C servers, the server was always full and we miss the game mode so much. And if possible take a look at this post Suggestion for further improve experience in PvE-Conflict servers :slight_smile:

And the PvE-Conflict in SA Servers? Some prevision? We have demand because the PvE-Conflict server had 40/40 players.

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I posted something similar to this a couple months ago, stating that private servers would be the ones to last because they could restrict the griefing from ruining others experience, while allowing some pvp. I was super excited at the prospects of PVE-C, because it had the rule set that would prevent a lot of grief and still allow conflict between players. I agree that this will become the most popular and longest lasting server population over time.

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Anyone have PVE-C news? because in other countries they are already playing only South America that has not yet …


Check this one for now, under the PvP section… “BR-SP Duartina PVE-C WIPE 14/05/18”.

So what’s the status of PVE-C servers? Are they gone or are they still with us?

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