Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

Well my server (1200) was always full. I had to wait and manually refresh the server list for 10-20 min if I left the game and came back.

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Same for 1321! Always full


@Funcom_Community you guys are seriously dropping the ball this early?? What is wrong with you! You annouce this game mode and it brought a niche set of player BACK to the game and you want to kill it off? Just make new PvP servers without changing other servers and ■■■■■■■■ over other players. If you’re going to listen to your players then listen to ALL your players ffs.


I agree with OP, I spent my time with friends doing PvE conflict, bc we don´t have life for pure PvP, to much of a time consuming, so we were thrilled with PvE Conflict, had a little of both, it was perfect, now they change the servers for full PvP, that´s just pants out ■■■■■■, if they hadn´t more PvP servers, rent them, just don´t f*ck us in the ■■■ and say it´s medicine -__-

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I originally started playing on a conflict server and never wanted to do a full blown PVP or PVE server. I was fine with having fun having a set time of day when it was PVE and the other part of that time was PVP. Now I have a choice of getting bored on PVE or always stressing on PVP. Conflict was a good way for people to experience both sides in one server and it was fun to do things. Now we are forced out of our own server just because PVP was in high demand? Why the hell do they think it was a good idea to force people out of the servers they were on just because PVP was in high demand? It’s bs and then you have dumb people going around saying “Read their blog before complaining” I did read the blog and I’m still going to complain because honestly this was a dumb move. You don’t offer something then say “Oh sorry PVP is more important than your conflict servers.” Nice backstabbing your players just because PVP has a higher friggin demand. It’s so stupid that a company would forgo some of the fan base for others.

Honestly, they should have left Conflict alone. No one can even get back into their server anymore to play with people they started to play with on the server. They should have rolled out the new servers without touching the conflict ones.

I don’t want stress of PVP and the Boring grind of PVE, Conflict had the best of both worlds and was fun to have. Now it’s just one or the other. On top of that every server is full now R.I.P Playing with my friends. Obviously, players are worth a grain of salt to these people because they obviously didn’t care to literally rick roll the conflict server players.


We want conflict! Me and my friends all work, we are paying customers and we want our conflict back, I don’t have time to rebuild daily, I want to log on to a safe base, and pvp a little, conflict brought me back to conan, removing it has now taken me back off it. considering i spent most of my night spamming to try get into conflict i feel this is some sort of made up bull, maybe you dont want to buy new servers? who knows, conflict was popular, if they wernt as busy as you liked reduce the number instead of removing them from us, typical funcom style. What is really crap is i spent most of the day playing yesterday and was telling everyone what a turn around this is, come conflict your bases wont get wiped then this crap, revert it or loose alot more @AndyB @Funcom_Community


The only complaint I had about PvE Conflict servers was that it turned up on the PvP mode filter.

Like what the hell? Get the weak thing out of my face.

PvP mode alone is already weak enough, mayhem all the way.

are you sure its all conflict servers that got changed cause i can still see a few conflict servers in the list here and there, being oceana myself my server i was on seems to still be on conflict? server #1973

kaneanight yes!! read news about

I’ve created an account on this forum only to say that it is the most stupid decision ever to change pve-conflict to pvp! Whose decision was it? Fire him or her! People built bases and wanted to fight only during the prime time, not always. I dont have time to build and defend my base day and night! PVE-Conflict was a great idea and you’ve spoiled it! Shame on you!


I hope I’m not the minority in saying that I love the pve conflict servers and that they should stay. They provide base permanence while still enjoying the adrenaline of pvp combat during prime time.

Please dont change pve conflict to pvp ruleset!


PVE-Conflict is what brought me back to Conan. I find pve a little too boring but having my base destroyed is too soul crushing. I was really enjoying the new Conan Exiles, but if pve-conflict goes I’m gone. Don’t ruin the game devs! Some people like pve, pvp, or pve-conflict don’t ruin the fun of one group for another!

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This really is a poor way to treat customers. I’m very disappointed with this announcement. I hope they will reconsider.

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DAS ist einfach nur eine Schweinerei von euch ich bin stinksauer ihr Macht groß ne ankündigung und einen Tag später wird diese dan verworfen dass nennt man BETRUG an meiner Zeit

The issue is that trust has been broken. Funcom offered the player a choice of PvE with combat times and then flipped it over to PvP after the server became active. I could understand resetting an empty PvE-conflict server to PvP; however, taking from one group of players to service another is unnerving. How can I believe that my work won’t be thrown into PvP mode or worse, removed completely to make more room for the PvP player.

Damage control needed immediately lest the players that were slighted will be walking away with a shake of the head and bad, very bad impressions of what is a great concept for a game. Some players feel cheated out of a promised experience, never a good thing for a gaming company. Never.


As a full PvP player, I really have no idea why they have made this change. They just gonna kill thier own game already…


Devs, can you imagine the feeling when I and my wife enter our serever, where noone could steal all our resources (we spent two evenings collecting them) and find out, that half of our chests are empty. This is VERY dissappointing!


Funcom has made a terrible mistake changing PvE-Conflict servers into PvP servers. Developers, please change them back and/or add new ones as this particular server type was the main reason why I decided to purchase my copy. Do not let me regret my decision.


This is sickening, we withstood EA, we knew its was EA…

But now it’s not and we were all playing and having big fun.


So now peepz get killed all around beeing newbies and dont have a clue whats going on.

Im so shocked that a compagny shows such a disregard of his customers.

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Change back our server #1321 and other also !
People are getting pissed really soon…