Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

Created a forum account just post about this. Agree with everything said above.

If I wanted to play PVP I’d have joined a PVP server.

If I wanted to play PVE I’d have joined a PVE server.

You offered us a PVE-Conflict. Awesome. Best of both worlds. Entire clan agreed it was the only server type for us.

After 800+ hours in Early Access… I. AM. PISSED.

I hope you change your minds. Otherwise I’m probably done playing after being so stoked for Launch Day.


First, sorry for my bad english.

Funcom, I don’t understand your choice to turn PvP our appreciate PvE-Conflict.
It was a great PvPvE compromise. Why you don’t just open new PvP servers ?

Bring back PvE-Conflict or open new PvE-Conflict server ? Or create a feature for activate a personnal PvP tag (like mmorpg) ?


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This is completely unacceptable. You don’t make this kind of change a day after launch. Dev’s you know what you did wrong. Fix this IMMEDIATELY.

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The server you played on still has your building and character and what not. but instead of not having to worry about your base you now have to worry about being offline when its raided.


First and foremost, thank you Devs for all your hard work, the time spent, the blood and sweat you’ve put into the game, it is such a fantastic game.

Please, please, please keep things the way they are.

Please absolutely do not make this change. One of my favorite parts of this game was PVE conflict option


They changed them to PvP servers. That’s what this whole thread is about

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I normally do not post on forums or anything. I made an account just to post.

This change has to be the dumbest things I’ve ever experienced in a game.

What a waste of time and effort because of a horrible decision by either the devs/funcom or both.

Personally, I think I’m done with this game because of this.


100% RICHTIG spudmonkey
Wie kann Funcom es wagen so mit mir umzugehen. Ich bin sehr eintäuscht und richtig Verletzt von euerem Tun.
Morgen ist Feiertag bei uns in Österreich ihr habt nicht nur denn heutigen Tag sondern auch denn morgigen Tag versaut mit eurer Aktion.
Ich kann nicht glauben das man auf einem offiziellen Server so beraubt wird auf inoffiziellen da würde ich mich nich so ärgern aber auch da tut man sowas nicht .
Ich hab gestern von 13:00 bis 09:00 früh durchgezockt. Ich hab es geschaft lv 29 zu werden und bin danach
ganz enspannt Arbeiten gefahren. Vor ca 2 stunden bin ich heimgekommen voller Freude auf das Spiel und was sehe ich mein Server ist nun PvP und die sammelrate hat sich erhöht, danach ab in Forum und hab mir die ■■■■■ durchgelesen und bin entsätzt.
Ich Freue mich schon auf eine offizielle Erklärung von euch wieso ihr euch die frechheit rausnehmen könnt Zahlende kunden was anzubieten und dann nicht zu liefern. Wie könnt ihr es wagen so massiv in mein Spielerlebnis einzudringen und mir meine Spielzeit die ich hatte einfach wegnehmen wieso darf funcom das.


total lack of consideration with the players, in addition to having made a launch with 3 servers in South America, and both went offline for hours on launch day.

I am completely disappointed with Funcom, I was expecting to have another pve conflict server in South America because it was always full. Oh you’re welcome, you decide to take the air?

Did you at least see that you had 38/40 players online at the moment?

if I preferred to play in pve conflict is because I do not want to play full pve or full pvp!


I NEVER wanted to play straight pvp, I was very happy about trying out the PVE conflict server though, sounded like my kind of pve with a bit of spice thrown in! I and my friend spent ALL day yesterday working on a couple of great bases on a pve conflict server only to have the rug pulled out from under us today!!! HOW DARE YOU??? I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU PEOPLE AGAIN! You have lost me on the official servers, I will go back to my private server and you all can just go soak your heads until they have some sense back in them. UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!! I am very very very very disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted at this act of betrayal! If my boyfriend pulled something like this it would take him WEEKS of groveling for me to even think about taking him back.


This is really dumb, come on Funcom please reconsider this stupid decision.

Don’t let this sht fester.


Funcom, i was amazed with all your work on this game, you guys were improving at every step you made on this game, BUT this change is something that is ruining everything i was thinking about you guys, HOW can you remove a Game Mode that have all servers with full population and think the players will like it? AND even not give a 2 days warning for everyone about it, just change it after 5 minutes of warning? That’s a decision that someone with very low experience would do… and i thought you guys had that experience… PvE-Conflict was one of the best ideas i saw you guys do… Please roll back on that, this decision is dumb and a lot of players are thinking on refunding your game just because of that… If you guys do that i’ll know that you guys care about your players and plan to continue suporting them with the best for the future of the game.


I really dislike the fact that they’re not even wiping these servers — just changing the ruleset. It’s like, “here’s another PvP server, slightly used! Try to ignore all the pissed-off players who we pulled the rug out from under, so that you could be here!” Really gives off a bad vibe.

The only path to recovery here is to undo the change, and roll back these servers. Admit the mistake, and correct it.


Heck it wasn’t even a 5 min warning they sent the warning out at the same time the shut off the conflict servers. We were playing when it happened and honestly that is poor management on their part entirely.


Why u do dis funcom, we all were enjoying the minor amount of pvp without base destruction of huge clans just wrecking all bases on a server bring back PVE Conflict.


Not only is this stupid but they gave no warning or opportunity for discussion either, dumb.

Even more stupid is they aren’t offering a reponse about something that will obviously blow up into a big issue.

At the very least offer an official reply that you have heard the complaints and will discuss it tomorow among the project leads, very least you should be doing here.


As expected, Funcom is Funcom, they always ignored the players’ opinions, luring candy, and when you deploy something there and you have to endure it … Dear Funcom, return the PVE Conflict!


Here is why this change should be immediately rescinded. The provided reasoning for the PvE-C ruleset changing to PvP is, “We are also switching all existing “PvE-Conflict” servers to the regular PvP ruleset. This should help streamline the modes and make choosing a server much more simple.” These servers already have a player base! These renamed servers won’t help alleviate the server full issues. People, myself included, bought the game and chose this server type with the expectation that their creations would be unraidable. This arbitrary change to the server ruleset feels ignorant to that choice. Their main consideration being increasing the amount of servers for PvP players just makes no sense. Their second reasoning to make server choice much more simple is unnecessary. The kind of players playing Conan Exiles aren’t idiots with low critical understanding of server types. I don’t know how difficult it may be to code for, but how tough can it really be to have an additional server type in the list that is clear and succinct? This change smacks of laziness and desperation and shows a clear lack of consideration for the player’s intelligence.

TL;DR: Funcom thinks we’re idiots and can’t handle a third server type and want pvp players to think there’s more servers for them when most of the new servers are just renamed to pvp with, now, salty players lamenting their destroyed creations when pvp players inevitably hop in and trample them for the lulz.


I left a review on Steam because of this change. I suggest those who are also upset to do the same. Let them hear and feel are opinions.

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