Changing some existing Bosses

Some of the old Bosses got ridiculous hit boxes AND only knockdown attacks. These are not fun fights, because I stand crying in a corner until my helper has killed this boss.

  • Rocknose King
  • Rotbranche

Rhino King charges point blank without warning, upto 25k damage unmitigated. Also against this boss I stand in a corner until my helper has killed it.

Allowing for player participation in these fights makes at least 10 old bosses fun.

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Yes, these fights are particularly lame, I just end up shooting snake arrows from about a 10ft distance while my thrall does the hard work because it’s the only reliable way to do damage without bouncing off the floor every few seconds.

Most bosses in the game should get an overhaul, imo. They’re either frustrating or boring as hell to fight against. Most times i just climb on a tree or something nearby and bombard them with orbs and arrows till they die.

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