Changing somethings that have been effected badly by updates

This is actually mainly about the changes to the healing systems. When it got implemented it was a quite something to get use to. Not the worst thing out there, A few of the foods and drinks that where in game for healing are still there and now costs a bunch of resources and does nothing. Or next to noting. The example here I will use is herbal tea. It does not regen stamina more then one second. And no longer heal still having the same cost. Perhaps change it to do something else like a short duration vitality buff to still justify the expense for making the tea.

And other thing that I have noticed for a long time and likely given a few suggestions on is the combat system. Some of it works quite well some of it is even fun. But I have noticed that using bows have a few problems. Mainly to do with the attribute perks “Trick shot” The ricochet can happen randomly in the air at times when hitting some light effects and it is quite common that they bounce of enemies heads. Might be a good idea to replace that one with something else. Would also not be a bad idea to change out the animations and play style of the bow a bit making it a more interesting for the users.

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