Chaos in the official servers

I beg Funcom and all the persons in this forum to find a solution to the chaos that exists to the official servers. Everyone builds everywhere ignoring that this is a place of knowledge for all the players, they block safe passages and the most important they destroy crucial spawn areas. Pvp, pve c or pve have a meaning, players to have fun. Please go in official servers especially pve c or pve and you will understand why i am desperate.

I have said many times we need a new claim system, having each block be a claim block is a disaster, also some people pointed out that if you delete your character decay stops working and buildings, thralls, pets etc become permanent.


Thank you very much, that’s a fantastic idea :+1::+1::+1:

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Yeah, check a game called Rust, they have it like that, but it has pro and cons, for pve i see only pro, for pvp the con is that you could break the stendard and take over a building.

Ok… But i love conan a lot and the last 10 months i don’t play or check anything else. I want conan solutions and not other games copies. For sure we have an adult game finaly to play online and be sure that behind the other controler we don’t have a 5 year old player. I am sure that funcom staff has exceptional minds to create an idea without copying other games, plus they have the b… ls to do it. I have faith

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