Chaos mouth is broken

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: Altar of Chaos Mouth

i took my 6 artifacts to the alter at chaos mouth and nothing, i got the thingy to remove the braclet, but nothing else, no fire works, bells and whistles, no nothing.
as an opinion the 2 things that should be working is the beginning of the game and the end, it was a major let down. Why are you more concerned with how 1 handed weapons deal damage than the end game. I have only have 4 journey steps left and 3 of them appear to be broken, unless i missed the update where i can summon a god.
so are you planning on rewarding the ones that stay rather than leave the lands and dominate with something special, oh i don’t know say your buildings become permanent on that server, even if you don’t log in for a year, or grant me an additional 100,000 hit points? Just curious.

If I understand correctly they never finish the story quest when you go to chaos mouth and put artifacts in there thot Amon (don’t remember how to spell his name) sends a mummy to stop you I think it was to claim the artifacts to stop all exiles from escaping in the lore of the game mind you it won’t remove they permanently but the never implemented all of the stories to the game so the story in incomplete but they want to rectify that at some point but it does nothing but end your character as it was meant

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