Chaos started june 2020 and still no solution

The Exiles player community was enjoying the game till funcom decided to start their Funcom Live Services and the patch of Isle of Siptah in june 2020, we are now in january 2021 and all is still a Mess, 6 months how is it posible???

The servers are empty because the game is full of buggs and problems, and Funcom does NOTHING?

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I’ll be honest man, Funcom isnt entirely to blame, sure they never helped to truely fix the problems, but they werent the biggest issues. that lies with us, the player base. “v - If you want to blame someone, you have only to look in the Mirror!”

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It’s playerbase’s fault? How that works?

Instead of saying “it’s broken, fix it.” Say what your issue is, in detail. The majority of users have been able to play Conan with FLS enabled for many months, so if you are having connection issues, then there is undoubtedly something unique to your situation and details are necessary.


Multigun Ive been explaining my issues since june and funcom has done nothing, ive been playing funcom games since 2009 and they ignore me ? more than 15.000 hours of AOC and 2700 hours of Exiles.

If you dont think that exiles is a mess now, you dont know a word about gaming-

If I said something similar about a resturant burning my food each and everytime I go there at once spot, and at their second spot they always undercook the meat. And I’ve been going to both since 2009. What would you tell me to do?

If you’ve had problems for the last 12 years. But are still here… how do we take that seriously?

I have literally dropped entire franchises and companies for less issues than many of you claim. You’re either heavily exaggerating, or the problem is between the chair and the screen. Which one is it?

Its ironic that you go after someone who has a very very indepth knowledge in how the game operates as not knowing anything about gaming. You haven’t accomplished a fraction of what he has.

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Bugs are tolerable. The real reason why servers are empty are the cheaters and litterers who don’t get punished.


Because FUNdamentally inCOMpetent ?

Queue the:

“Well, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you!”


Have you ever run an ppen server? Have you seen the chaos we the player base cause? This games got ovet 10k servers. Yes most of them are empty, but it doesnt change the fact that funcom has to investigate 90% of all the issues made out to them. That other 10% are people that bich about how op a weapon is, or i got robbed by someone give it back funcom, yeah, they at times will nerf your favorite weapon indo dust because too many whine about it. So yeah thay got alot to deal with, stupid children included. While I agree they have a monumental task to fix more important issues and need to be done, they’re being flooded with bs like “Omg a bug caused my character to mutate” reload mfker, easy fix.

The real issue is the player base, if they cant stomp out the cheaters first, they can NEVER fix glitches and bugs, because cheaters cause file corruption, chaos on each server, and a mountain of people like you and I that nag about bugs.

Pull your head from your azs, take a shower, open your eyes and pay attention.

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