ChaosRising 4/12 3XP6xH SmallClans NoGods AoC


Chaos Rising is a growing community of PvP players and builders. The server features damage immunity for buildings but open tables and none of the silly RP requirements some servers require. RP is not discouraged. It is just not a primary focus. All world PvP is encouraged between players and there are no limited times. Buildings are protected because that’s where we all store our underwear.

Mods include:

[Glass Constructions and more…]
[LitMan Item Stack & Container Size]
[Swift Elevator]
[Pippi - User & Server Management -]
[Fashionist (1.0 compatible)]
[The Age of Calamitous]

These are here for a bit of variety/quality of life things. As the server community grows, this mod list may change (with more or less). Nearly all of the server settings will be treated as fluid as more consistent players give feedback.

There are map rooms near each obelisk and a market as well as in game pippi currency. Special pippi building materials like glorbs, banners, and egresses will be made available.

I’d love to see some new players come in and have a good time. I’m just not sure what type of server people really want to commit their time on, so I made one that fits what I happen to like. I am totally open to modifying things to meet the requests of the server majority and open to expanding the size of the server if necessary.

Thanks for reading!

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