Chapter 2 battle pass (weak)

i am truly dissapointed with the items on the battlepass, with very few exceptions.

  1. lots of floor/wall painting,
  2. most of the items are small, the only tree *cypress) is actually small, i can see there is a large one but that will come in the bazaar,
  3. chapter 1 BP was far better in terms of item quality , compared to season 2, i am level 42 already, and truly i am not impressed. there are a few notable exceptions, but they seems so far rare,. and most of it rather useless. with very few exceptions/.

so far i am not seeing my moneys worth in season 2 battle pass.


I agree. Unimpressive so far, without meaning to offend the designers. Stop with the wall/floor paintings that are mostly useless. That’s filling and you know it. :wink:
Oh, the tree is smal? Then at least they could have given us a freaking bonsai, :smile: instead of a resized version of the real one.


Agreed. The rose and tree thing look interesting but until I can get them I won’t know for sure. That said other stuff is pretty uninteresting


Agreed. Definitely not very motivated to complete the challenges. On another note, i was foolish enough to spend real money on the hedge maze set. It looks horrible, like molded plastic. The color, texture, everything about it just feels lazy.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t actually interested in anything from BP1. There are a few things that I’m interested in with BP2, like the aforementioned cypress and the rose bush. I kind of like that there’s a different aesthetic focus this time around, since it suggests that the dev team will continue focusing on different varieties of base decor.

But I can get that if you don’t like any given battle pass, you’re gonna be out of luck for a long time until the next one rolls around.

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Can you Climb the hedge maze or is it un-climbable???.. Make a better maze if you cant just walk on top of it.

Agreed. Pardon my language…but a f*cking tree as the level 60 skin?

Funcom, what the literal f*ck? Make it a bad *ss skin for a weapon, or a mount.

Edit: does anyone else love the fact that they kept the XP values the same as when Season 1 came out, despite the fact that people didnt finish as quickly as they hoped, resulting in an increased XP rate for two weeks? “Tweaking” as they go, then utterly fail yet again. Ha. Good lord.


…and they will again drop XP increase event at the end of this season.
People should understand, BP is not a reward, it’s an engagement tool funcom uses to keep up online numbers.
That’s why majority of the items are filler or once again one time use items. That’s why you get your coins back. Why create something “cool looking” for something a good chunk of players won\t even pay again.
Reused assets from previous DLCs. Floor paints. One time use items and more. I’m sure will see even more of it in chapter 3.
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Yep, many people are upset about BP pt2, saw a big sh**storm on reddit and steam =D
1 BP - 22 lvls are wasted (my formula, if 5 color torches - 5 lvls, can easily be merged in 1 lvl, so 4 lvls are fillers)
2 BP - 21 lvls are wasted…
Progress lads

People have been asking for plantable trees and bushes etc. for years.


I agree, this battle pass lacks anything of interest compared to the first. This one is more decorative/accessory based and themed quite a bit differently.

I won’t be buying chapter 2’s battle pass. I was pretty certain I would, but after seeing the items, not interested.

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Maybe this is the point? people save 1200 coin and blow them to the building set or else…
And after chapter 3 arrives… new bp - new 10 usd to open.
I cant find another idea why p2 battle pass so filler…

And yet there are still fanboys here defending the overpriced BP/Bazaar, which is about nothing. Absurd situation


I got the BP and first thought was “The wight horse was pretty freaking cool. I wonder what cool thing they have as the lvl60 prize this time is?..oh, a tree. Yay :expressionless:”


My biggest complaint on the current BP is that its skewed to cheap reskins of other works more than chapter 1.

Chapter 1 had a good mix of unique items split between bazaar and BP so that the BP feels like a value if you find the bazaar prices too high.

Chapter 2 is lacking the same ratio IMHO. The bazaar got most of the nice things and the BP got the quick turnover stuff.

While I understand that money is to be made, the number of interactions in the game still needs to rise up and battlepass is more of a marketing aspect of the game that not. You can’t tell me the same amount of marketing dollars went into the designs of Chapter 2 vs Chapter 1 BP items. I don’t see it. So your gains in the bazaar items are limited because the BP isn’t enticing folks to play more.

Also…seriously use the load screens to promote bazaar items. It’s painful to watch wasted exposure time with cute little phrases that have been around for 4 years and a single load screen. Even if you cut and paste what you show in the bazaar for the items, it’s better than making sure I know what chapter of Age of Sorcery I’m on.


the tiny little thing on top of the book you can find in the illusion (thramatology?) bench is your level 42 reward, the little book on top of the large one (very hard to place and very hard to notice) i mean funcom.,… really ? whats the point of a placeable that you can barely see?

suggestion make the book bigger at least 2x or 3x the current size.

just got to level 60

and teh cursed tree is … WOW!!! i cant just come to only complaint, the level 60 is absolutely amazing. so for this tree, funcom has my congrats. it is breathtaking.

comes with ravens included , and with sound effect .


I agree! I didn’t buy the battle pass because it’s not very good!

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Yeah, farming or agriculture in Conan would be in my mind a great asset to the PVE or RP communities and would be very interesting!!

But not like this.